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For athletes who would like to book a single session or a private training session, click HERE to Speak with a Coach directly or fill out the form HERE to be contacted.


We offer training sessions throughout the year and provide opportunities for all skill levels of athletes. Everyone is welcome and we teach the pole vault to focus on the progression of each athlete.

River City Vault Club is an incredibly energetic experience. We welcome athletes from all ages in the region. Our coaches and volunteers have years and decades of experience on the pole vault runway and take training you very seriously. It's important to us that you have an incredible experience. 

Membership Training Sessions include 8 or more sessions per month depending on how the month falls. Sessions are twice a week and take place on either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Membership Training Sessions 

$25 per sessions.

If your athlete misses a practice there will not be make up sessions. 

Non-Membership Training Sessions 

$35 per 2 hour session | 2 sessions per week | Paid monthly

If your athlete misses a practice there will not be make up sessions. 

*For those who are members or non-members and choose not to participate in our regular scheduled sessions of two times a week, each visit will cost $40 for a two-hour session for members or $50 for non-members.

Private Training Sessions are reserved for one on one lessons at $90 per session with a 90 minute maximum for non-members and $80 for team members. For athletes traveling a distance who would like to extend their private sessions, a $10 charge will be added for every 10 minutes.  

*Sessions are not interchangeable. It is encouraged that athletes stay within the group schedule in which they sign up. 

*If an athlete would like to join the monthly sessions after a month has begun, simply reach out to us directly to get started. 

*Session groups begin on the first Monday or Tuesday of each month, relative to the session package start dates. 

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